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Alexis Gets a B+

Co-written with mierke as part of a Castleland writing challenge.  Enjoy! 

“Dad… please, don’t?”

Alexis stood barricading the door, trying to keep her father inside.

“Please, let it go. There is no reason to go harassing my teachers, just because you don’t agree with them. I know you think I’m perfect and all, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get a lower grade once in a while.”

Her dad just kept looking at her, with that impatient look in his eyes that told her he wasn’t really listening, just trying to find a way to get around her.

“Alexis, sweetheart, you didn’t deserve this grade. You know that, I know that, and your teacher should know it too. There is no way I’m just letting this slide! You deserve more!”

Alexis backed back against the door, now completely leaning against it, desperately trying to prevent her father from going to her school. Now he had to physically push her aside if he wanted to get past her.

“Dad, I don’t want you go to! I don’t want you to overpower her with your celebrity status and get me a good grade, just because you’re famous!”

“Are you kidding me? I’m going to use my celebrity status as much as I want to. The pen is mightier than the sword, and all that. I’m not a writer for nothing, now am I? Let me go.”

“No!” Alexis shouted. “Dad, don’t you understand? The minute you arrive at school everyone will gush over you, and then you’ll get my grade changed, and after that I’ll never be sure about whether I actually deserved the grade that I got, or whether they just don’t want to anger you!”

“Maybe you’ll get lower grades, so they’ll see me again,” her father said with a smile.

“Sweetie, you’ve been complaining about this grade since you came home. Why won’t you let me change it?”

Alexis sighed, wondering if there was any way she could make her father understand.

“I told you! I don’t want a better grade because they want to please you, I want a better grade because I deserve it. Don’t you understand? Wouldn’t you rather have readers who read your books because they’re good books than because they’re famous?”

“What does it matter? As long as people buy the books, I’m happy. Just as you should be happy, as long as you get good grades. If it gets you into a good university, what does it matter how you got the grades?”

Alexis wanted to scream and shout, frustration rising in her because she had to be the adult, while her father was trying to corrupt her. Didn’t he realize that academics were important to her? That it wasn’t about the grade, that it was about the principle?

“Sweetie, just let your father go,” her grandmother came gliding down the stairs. “You won’t change his mind.”

The moment Alexis turned to argue with her grandmother, her father had slipped past her and out of the door. Seething she looked at her grandmother.

“Gran! Now he’s gone!”

“Don’t blame me, kiddo.”

Alexis let out a long and loud groan of frustration.

“Maybe I can still catch him before he leaves the building.” She dashed out the door without shoes, slamming it behind her, and made a beeline to the elevator just in time to see her father’s smug smile as the doors closed.

“Dad!” She frantically hit the elevator button in the same way that a pedestrian would hit a crossing button in the hope that would make the lights change faster. The lights above the elevator showed that it was almost already half way to the lobby. Alexis hit her head against the elevator door and then scrambled back to the building to glare and yell at her grandmother some more.

When she got there, Martha had a tub of ice cream and a spoon ready for her. “I didn’t think you’d catch him. He may not look like much but he’s pretty fast on his feet when he wants to be.” She offered Alexis the ice cream.

“Sorry grandma, but I’m not in the mood for ice cream right now.”

“Well, here’s an idea. Just yell at him from the window. I used to do it to him all the time.”

Alexis had already thrown the window open before her grandmother could finish her sentence.

“Dad!” Her father paused momentarily but, remembering how disgruntled his daughter had been, continued.

“Try using his full name. If it doesn’t embarrass him, it might put some blonde bimbo in his presence which should distract him long enough for you to get down there and latch on to his leg.”

Alexis tried again. “RICHARD VIVIAN CASTLE!” Even from their 4th storey window she could see him shudder at hearing his full name but it didn’t seem to halt his progress nor did it attract any bimbos, blonde or otherwise, ready to throw themselves at his feet.

Alexis let out a scream of frustration and then spotted a pair of paintball guns on the floor by the sofa. She and her father had gone paintballing over the weekend and he had beaten her quite soundly, due largely in part to Alexis’ red hair making her very easy to spot and the fact that he had fired almost five times as many paintballs as his daughter. She quickly checked the canister and found that there were three paintballs left. She decided it was time for some revenge.

She grabbed the gun and headed towards the window. Martha, reading her granddaughter’s mind, came to the window to watch the spectacle unfold. Alexis’ first shot was well off target, barely missing the homeless man on the stoop of the building across the road. She took aim again and the second shot missed her father by mere inches and certainly got his attention but didn’t do much in stopping him. In fact, her father was now running for his life. Martha was right, he could haul ass quite quickly when he wanted to.

Alexis had just one paintball left. She took a deep breath and channelled her inner sniper. She accounted for the drift and the moving target. Her shot would have hit her father right in the back of the head had he not tripped and fallen over just as the paintball was about to hit. Alexis watched in slow motion as the paintball missed the back of her father’s head and hit a driver through the open window of his moving car.

The ensuing five car collision certainly got her father’s attention. More importantly, by the time he had smoothed things out with the NYPD, the final school bell of the year had rung.



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Sep. 14th, 2010 01:18 pm (UTC)
LJ-cut this, please? :D
Sep. 14th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
Forgot I could do that XD
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